Yale Assure Digital Deadbolt With Key (Z-Wave)


The YALE Assure Digital Deadbolt (with key) combines a highly secure lockset with an elegant electronic interactive touchscreen. It allows users to effortlessly access their premises using their smartphone and to remotely open the door for visitors when they are away.

This lock will fit in the place of your existing deadbolt and is compatible with all standard interior and exterior doors. Tapered features of the deadbolt allow it to be used even in applications where the door is not perfectly aligned.

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Forget carrying around keys; lock and unlock your home with your smartphone. Share digital keys with friends and family, view access history and manage user settings, all from your Yale Assure app.

Controlled via the Yale Assure App, Yale’s “Twist and Go” function allows users the unique ability to unlock their door by twisting their smartphone when within Bluetooth range. The “Twist and Go” feature protects you and your family from unintended unlocking. Also offering a backlit touchscreen keypad, users have the option of entering a PIN code to unlock the door.

An automatic Re-lock function is available so that when the latch is retracted, the lock will automatically lock after a specified period of time. For those times when you don’t have your smartphone on you, unlock by entering your unique 4-8 digit pin code on the touchscreen keypad.

The Yale Assure digital deadbolt with Bluetooth includes the Yale Assure Z-Wave Network Module to seamlessly integrate into most home automation and alarm systems.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 20 × 25 × 25 cm
RF Protocol Z‐Wave Plus and Bluetooth
Z‐Wave device type Z-Wave Lock
Z-Wave version Z-Wave 500 series
Operating Voltage 4 AAAA batteries
RF Frequency 921.42Mhz ‐ AU/NZ  approved RF for Z‐Wave
Operation Range Up to 30m when no obstacles
Application Indoor/Outdoor(front plate) use only
Operation temperature -10 ~ 50 °C
Storage temperature ‐0 ~ 40 °C
Weight 2050g
Housing Aluminium
Regulatory Compliance Mark N5496
Dimensions Front: 144.4mm x 70.2mm x 27.82 mm  (LxWxH)Back: 168mm x 75mm x 54mm (LxWxH)

This lock may not be used on moving doors(i.e., cars, trains or similar applications). The lock is designed for residential and commercial applications only and door sizes of 32-50mm. We highly recommend that a secondary entrance is available in the unlikely event of total failure. This lock must not be used on fire doors.

Yale Assure Digital Deadbolt (with key) – User Manual